Why you should take a break off Instagram

This past week I had the opportunity to put my phone down some more and reflect on what I needed to do next. This is why you should take a break off Instagram

Instagram, it’s currently the #1 social media platform servicing millions of users every day. I being one of them.

It’s addicting and captivating, I mean who doesn’t love seeing pretty pictures in perfect lighting all day? From fashion to food you can find just about anything and everything you are looking for that can result in an hour or hours of your day washed away.

Instagram is a great platform don’t get me wrong, by no means is it wrong to spend time on the app. Through Instagram, I have found a community of uplifting women and friends to surround myself with – plus I’ve learned a lot about myself and my business.  But sometimes I find myself going into a dark hole with Instagram, wondering why I’m not “doing enough” as I aimlessly scroll through the hundreds (if not thousands) of perfectly lit photos.

Why you should take a break off Instagram

It’s in that moment that I was going down the rabbit hole of Instagram that I asked myself if I needed a break off the popular app. And the next day I made a goal to myself to do just that.

I made a goal to myself that I would delete the app off my phone for a week. I figured that would give me enough time to reflect on a few things in my life, plus I wouldn’t focus so much on what I “looked like” as I was going in for mouth surgery.

But here’s the main reason why I took a break off Instagram, and why you should too – I WAS CONSTANTLY COMPARING MYSELF.

Now I know that is something that most everyone is guilty of, I mean who doesn’t compare themselves every once in a while? But the thing was is I was finding myself excessively comparing myself, why wasn’t I doing this more, or why am I not good at taking pictures? It started to get vicious and sometimes I would find myself crying because I wasn’t “good enough” to even be on the platform itself. After all, everyone else was doing cooler things than me.

That’s another reason why you should take a break off Instagram, the app doesn’t always show you reality, it shows you what you want to see.

Do you engage with lots of travel accounts? Then all you will see is everyone traveling, and wonder why you can’t travel every weekend to a new exotic place.

Or do you follow celebrities who manage to make it look like life is picture perfect 24/7? Then Instagram will show you others who make it look like their life is perfect 24/7.


Here I do think it’s important to interject a disclaimer. By no way am I trying to shame anyone by the way they live or how they live it. I am totally jealous of those who can have their lives together 24/7, however, I also know for my mental health if I dwell on it too long I can get down on myself and draw comparisons.

Back to why you should take a break off Instagram

Seeing all those perfect travel accounts or celebrities partying on a Wednesday night isn’t always reality. Taking a break off Instagram is a great way to do a reality check and start to focus on what YOU want. After all, scrolling through hundreds of travel pictures isn’t going to make it so you are magically in the Bahamas.

Taking a break off the app could also allow you to think how you want to mold your life and why. I know for me it allowed me to meditate on where I want to go with my business next, and I had more time to catch up on my favorite book!

I also didn’t realize how much time I spent on Instagram till it was gone. I would often time aimlessly grab my phone to open the app, only to find it gone. After a few hours of this game, I channeled this into other tasks ( i.e writing in my planner, answering emails that needed responses).

To wrap it up

Taking a break off Instagram even for that one week cleared my head and gave me a reality check. It made it so I could prioritize my time more and start to focus on what I wanted to do with my life next.

And that was just my experince.

Taking a break off Instagram could do more for you or help you find something within yourself (as cheesy as it sounds). And getting back on the app I was able to hone in more on what I needed to do next and why (plus I wasn’t crying over meaningless things!)

After my experience, I think everyone should take a break off Instagram, even if it’s just a few days! Because everyone needs a little reality check once in a while, right?

Let me know if you’ve taken a break off Instagram and what it did for you and as always happy writing!






  1. November 13, 2018 / 2:13 pm

    This is definitely the truth! Social media can be awesome, but so dangerous to all of us in so many ways. It can create a complex in our lives if we don’t manage our feelings or take time out away from it all. Thank you for sharing this with others who needed to read this!
    Tasha x

    • Tina Peyton
      November 15, 2018 / 1:28 pm

      Thank you for taking the time to read this, I totally agree it can be awesome but dangerous at times 😉

  2. Lifein12Keys.com
    November 15, 2018 / 1:15 pm

    I’m still trying to figure it out.. although I’m starting to think maybe there’s nothing TO figure out? It’s weird. You cant share links.. or link to anything. The pictures and stuff are great.. but I’m wondering how people use it to promote anything. Great article!

    • Tina Peyton
      November 15, 2018 / 1:29 pm

      Instagram is tricky! I know for me it’s helped me with my blog and brand for sure! If you ever need help message me 🙂

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