How to relax at Utah’s Snowbird Resort

Usually when one thinks of Utah snow capped mountains and world renowned skiing comes to mind.

While Utah resorts are known for their skiing and snowboarding, the offseason provides just as much fun and relaxation as the popular snow seasons.

From leisurely ski lifts, hiking, and of course spending an hour or two at the pool. There’s more than just taking a snow day.

Staying at Snowbird’s The Cliff Lodge and Spa

Just past Salt Lake City and up Little Cottonwood Canyon lies several lodges and stays that mountain goers can spend their time.

Snowbird Resort specifically offers a lodge that differs from the others, and that is The Cliff Lodge and Spa.

Located just 20 minutes from the Salt Lake airport, The Cliff Lodge and Spa lives up to its spa atmosphere almost immediately as the world-renowned pool and hot tub can be seen from the drive-in.

Checking into the lodge you can find yourself surrounded by a very hygge atmosphere, including warmer wooden modern tones, warm lighting, and french low-fi playing in the background.

With COVID-19 The Cliff Lodge and Spa have implemented all necessary guidelines provided by the CDC and Utah code. Including upped sanitization and sanitation stations throughout the resort, masks, social distancing measures, and limiting how many guests can be in the spa.

Experiencing The Cliff Spa

After checking into our mountain view room, my partner and I found ourselves heading the spa to unwind a bit before dinner.

Aside from having perfect mountain weather, just laying out by the pool and hot tub made the stay at The Cliff Lodge and Spa worth it from other resorts at Snowbird.

Not everyone can access the spa at once, because of COVID-19 restrictions guests must call ahead to reserve a time they would like to visit and relax. Guests must also be 16-years or older to access amenities.

I made our reservations a couple hours in advance, and that seemed to be enough time for staff to make accommodations. It also allowed me to get settled a bit before hitting the spa to relax.

Myself and lodge guests were greeted with a robe and slippers and can be changed into upon arrival in the locker room. Both locker rooms are equipped with pin-code lockers that can be used free when attending the spa.

Saunas, showers, and bathroom amenities are also found in the locker rooms and can be enjoyed in addition to pool views.

If you are looking for more than just views, and a steam bath or two The Cliff Spa also has a variety of actual spa packages well – including mani/pedis, massages, and different yoga classes.

As for myself being able to catch a few rays, doing a few laps, and just taking in the mountains that surround the spa area made the trip worthwhile, and a definite must for anyone visiting the Snowbird area.

Dinner at Snowbird’s SeventyOne restaurant

After being in the sun for a few hours, my stomach was so ready to experince dinner at The Cliff Lodge and Spa’s newest food edition SeventyOne.

Named after the year Snowbird was opened, SeventyOne takes you back in time to the 70’s era complete with old school Snowbird ski commercials.

Immediately walking in we were greeted and seated with kindness, handed drink and dinner menus and were ready to emabark on a food aventure.

Drinks: I ordered a classic Mojito and it did not disappoint I ended up coming back the next afternoon for more. My partner ordered an Aviation, perfect for sipping throughout dinner and enjoying the view.

Appetizers: Highly recommend the soft pretzel sticks, baked french onion soup, and SeventyOne salad for appetizer choices. Plates were small enough to share but just enough to really get your fill of each item.

The leftover cheese dip from the pretzels was also lovely over the remaining salad.

Main entree: Left is the salt and pepper salmon, right is the bacon and tomato baked ziti mac’ and cheese.

Each entree could have easily been shared for two people, but both were immaculate in taste.

If you like salmon the salt and pepper salmon was some of the best I’ve had. The potatoes and cauliflower complimented the flavoring well and weren’t super heavy but very filling.

The mac’ and cheese was a treat for even an adult. I could have gotten a plate of the fried onions to-go!

Dessert: If you can, save room for SeventyOne’s Bourbon milkshake (left). I love something sweet after dinner and this hit the spot. I did ask if I could add a few donut holes to the top too (which the staff so graciously did).

My partner on the other hand likes something fresh after dinner so he settled on the vegan fruit shake which he thoroughly enjoyed.

Couldn’t think of a better way to end the night personally.

Overall I would highly recommend SeventyOne if you are staying on property or even if you’re in the Salt Lake area.

Not only were staff and hosts gracious, the food and views made for an experience you can’t get anywhere else in the Snowbird Resort.

Pro tip: check out the bathrooms, as this is where the old school Snowbird ski commercials are playing and it really takes you back in time. I probably could have watched them all night!

Snowbird Summer activities

Just because there isn’t any snow on the ground, doesn’t mean the mountain isn’t fun!

We started our next day adventure with a chai in hand and ready to hit the mountain for hiking, coasters, and ski lifts.

Snowbird has a list of summer activities listed on their website, I would highly suggest checking online before making your day trip plans.

We ended up doing the Bird Bundle since it included tram/lift rides, coasters, and slides. There are two slots for activities, the morning and afternoon (each a four-hour interval). Which was plenty of time to do all the activities we wanted to do!

All activities on Snowbird’s property abide by CDC guidelines and are properly sanitized before/after guests go on and off rides. Masks are required for coasters and tram rides.

Going during late July/early August allowed us to see the peak flowers in bloom all over the mountain.

It was beautiful and more private than traveling up the mountain further to see them in the Albion Basin (still equally as beautiful, just more packed!)

Of course, no flowers were harmed on our hike, as there are designated paths for guests and patrons to walk along. These paths are later converted into ski paths in the winter months.

Pro tip: Even if you plan to do scenic flower hikes, bring plenty of water and a sweatshirt for when you get further up the mountain. The further in elevation we went the cooler it got – so a sweater came in handy.

Overall it was a beautiful day on the mountain, we were able to squeeze in everything we wanted to and more within the 4 hour window. And naturally I ended the day with another mojito at SeventyOne.

The Snowbird experience

I can’t recommend Snowbird, and The Cliff Lodge enough. Even on the off-season it was a beautiful hygge getaway that allowed us to take in the beauty of Utah, and grab a good drink or two after a hike.

Every corner is aesthetic and Instagram worthy, from the spa to the top of the mountain you are sure to get your Instagram fix for photos.

Thank you to Snowbird and The Cliff Lodge for hosting us and allowing us to get the full mountain experience, I can’t wait to be back again! Let me know below if you’ve been to Snowbird Utah and what your favorite part was.

As always happy writing! xx


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