The Importance of Using Eye Cream

Eye cream? Is it really that important, or is it just another potential expense to your skincare routine?

I’ll be honest I didn’t start using eye cream till this last year, but I’m never going back.

Eye cream is vital when it comes to preserving the skin around your eyes. Especially since that area is the first to experience damage, wrinkling and/or fine lines.

Using eye cream regularly, however, can preserve the skin, reduce puffiness, bags under the eyes, and reduce the appearance of fine lines/wrinkles (and we all need that wink!)

Before I started my eye cream journey I had sensitive areas and a few bumps around my eyes (weird right?) but after using cream regularly the bumps went away and my eyes don’t experience dryness around the edges.

So when VII Code Beauty reached out to me about their T2 Oxygen Eye Cream I had to try (I loved their Oxygen Eye Masks!) Experiencing a cream that is full of richness and feels soft around my eyes is an amazing feeling.

On top of T2 Oxygen Eye Cream, I also was able to use their Oxygen Hydrating Eye Spray as well. Seeing I spritz my face with a refresher after using moisturizer on my face, having something for my eyes was a bonus.

I love waking up and feeling how soft and smooth around my eyes are. As well as knowing that I’m being proactive about the skin around my eyes (you only get one face!)

Not to mention I don’t experince any dryness or irritation using the T2 Oxygen Eye Cream, and it absorbs perfectly into my face without counteracting with any other products I use. Needless to say, I’ve found my dream product and will continue to bless my skin with the benefits.

Thank you to VII Code Beauty for another great product, and giving me the tools to be proactive about my eyes.

Let me know down below if you use eye creams, or the T2 Oxygen Eye Cream and what you thought of it!




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