Sundance Film Festival 2019 Review

Let me just start this recap with how much I LOVE Sundance. This year marks my 4th year going to the Park City based film festival, and I feel I got to experience a little bit of each side throughout the years

First year confused tourist.

Second year reporter/intern for the local television station.

Third year influencer.

Fourth year movie go-er.

Just enjoying myself at the iconic “Sundance Film Festival” sign while having major dinosaur hand. More on my Instagram tinapey

Being in the Park City area automatically makes me feel like a rich succesful film critic/producer/actor who is now just doing indie films because it makes good press.

Buy tickets early

But in all seriousness, the festival has brought some of my favorite memories both as a journalist and as an aspiring actor. Through the process of the Sundance Film Festival I have taken aaway a few things and now feel I have gotten a hang of a thing or two on how to do this star-studded mountain getaway.

No seriously… ticket packages and credentials for the events start going up around October (the festival is in January). One of my bigger regrets is not being able to get press credentials this year to get in and see some of my favorite filmmakers on panel.

Sundance Institute on Twitter is great at reminding you when this time comes, and keeping a close eye on their website will also help you score the packages you want too ahead of time.

More Main Street Park City Utah

Dress warm

This may go without merit, but every year I’ve attended the Sundance Film Festival the weather has been unpredictable. One year I was caught in a blizzard and couldn’t leave my station. This year I wore one layer of clothing because the sun was out. You never know what the weather will bring.

It’s always better to overdress than underdress (especially when it comes to shoes). My festival essentials are a puffer coat and waterproof boots. You’ll spend more time outside than you think so you can thank me later.

Pack the essentials

It’s totally possible to pack what you need while looking like you still belong on Rodeo Drive in Hollywood. My go-to is always a cute backpack that I can store my battery pack charger, water bottle, and extra pairs of gloves/hats if needed.

It’s always good to keep a little bit of cash on you as well. If you are able to snag a last minute movie that only way to pay is with CASH. There isn’t a booming number of ATM’s in the area, so if possible get cash early just in case.

The cast and crew of the Sundance film Little Monsters. Starring Josh Gad and Lupita Nyong’o

Remember celebrities are people too

I mean not to be “that” person because I know that many people attend Sundance for the star studded streets, but remembering to be a decent person when seeing a celebrity is a good thing to do.

This isn’t to say you shouldn’t’ say hi and try and snag a pic with your favorite Glee cast member, but also remember that they are people too and being rude about it won’t get you anywhere.

Pretending to be famous because I feel famous ft. more dinosaur hand

Have fun

Isn’t that the whole point? Don’t forget to have fun and enjoy the festival and all the wonderful things it has to offer. From the food. lodging and movie seeing there is so much to be said and done while you are there dont‘ forget to enjoy yourself!


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