Summer 2018 mood board to inspire you

Creativity comes and goes, especially in the summer. I know more than once I’ve experienced the dreaded “block” just in time for me to approach some kind of deadline that requires my creative side!

Through my waves, I’ve discovered the best thing to get my creative juices flowing again is putting together things that inspire me all into one place. Sometimes it’s an album on my phone, drawings in a notebook, or a Pinterest board! Whatever it may be, doesn’t everyone need a little creative boast sometimes?

Below is a few highlights of my summer 2018 mood board! It’s compiled of all the pretty things, places, and aesthetics that I’m feeling this summer. (Actual mood board at the bottom of the page.)


No more black everything this summer, it’s all about color! I’m loving all the bright yellows, greens, and pinks! Color is a great way to spice just about anything up. So the saying goes “just add a pop of color” because what better way to make a statement?

Clean lines

Smooth aesthetics are my summer go-to. Who doesn’t love looking at smooth building or place and analyzing how all the lines and corners match up (sigh). It’s relaxing, to say the least. Funky patterns are out and clean lines are in!


Having a multitude of plants in one area has been trending for several months now, but what better way to bring mother nature in than a cute plant or succulent? Plus a little extra oxygen never hurt anyone (wink!)

Camp vibes

Camping is one of those words that screams summer! The weather is warm so it’s time to get out and explore. Many mainstream festivals have also taken up the “camp vibe” trend, making it a summer must. So why not build a fort or two and go explore what the world has to offer (Maybe even post it for the gram)


Ahhh the joys of summer vacation… finally having the ability to travel and go where the heart desires. Whether it’s the beach, mountains, or the city no better time to travel than the summertime!


Overall, how something is designed determines whether it’s aesthetic to someone. This summer I’m loving cursive designs with blocks of color.



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