Review: VII Code Oxygen Mask

Winter has officially hit us, which means everything is changing. The biggest change I find is my skin and it acting out. If there is one thing I desperately need during these winter months it’s moisture EVERYWHERE.

That’s where today’s post comes into play, I was contacted by VII Code Beauty to try out their O2M Oxygen Eye Mask to not only kill my newsroom under eyes but to hopefully to restore moisture to a much-needed part of my face.

I figured why not? I love trying out new skincare products and I only write and review those that I had a positive experince with (spoiler alert!) The following review is a sponsored post, however, all opinions and reviews are my own. I don’t share products that I don’t have a positive experince with.

Communication/receiving product

To start, I had a very positive experince with the communication team over at VII Code, I received my VII Code Oxygen Eye Mask within days after confirming the collaboration. And it came perfectly packaged with no wears or tears on it (this is huge for me since I love the packaging.)

My box came with 6 under eye treatments intact and ready to be put to the test!

Wear and tear test

Previous to using the VII Code Oxygen Eye Mask, I was used to under eye masks that were slippery and often times slid off my face before I could reap the benefits. That was not the case with the VII Code Oxygen Eye Mask, it has an adhesive on it so you don’t need to worry about it sliding out of place when you put it on (which I greatly appreciated.) The adhesive wasn’t sticky or glue-like either one bit, it just made it so when I put the eye mask on it didn’t move one bit.

According to the packaging and the VII Code website, the Oxygen Eye Mask could be worn up to 8 hours no problem (a task I put to the test) or as little as you wanted. I opted for the 8 hours but lasted maybe 6 since I woke up and took them off (they didn’t fall off I literally had to peel them off). In no way did they tear or crease weird overnight, as previously stated when I took them off I had to peel them off (they didn’t move off my face.)

The adhesive used on the eye masks didn’t leave any kind of residue either, in fact, you wouldn’t have even known there was anything holding it to your face!

The verdict

When I first put the eye masks on there was a cooling sensation that instantly hit my under eyes and oddly gave my face this sense of refreshment. I had no irritation when I put the eye masks on and no issue with them moving as I wore them.

They were very comfortable throughout the waiting process, and once I took them off my under eyes felt moisturized, rejuvenated and in no way sticky (I have had previous masks leave a sticky feeling after I take them off).

I didn’t have to wait for a prolonged time after for them to dry either, and the products in the mask didn’t interfere with any other product I put on my face after.

Overall, this is one product I thoroughly enjoyed especially during these winter months seeing my under eye area gets dry. I love incorporating these masks into my skincare routine right now, especially since they don’t interfere with any other product I’m currently using.

10/10 would recommend and you can bet that I’m using the rest of the eye masks in my box. Thank you VII Code Beauty for a great collab, and an even better product!

Let me know in the comments if you have tried VII Code Beauty and if you love the Oxygen Eye Masks as much as I do!




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