Fall’s hottest shoe trend of 2018

This post is sponsored by FILA and Her Campus Media, all opinions and pictures are my own :)  It’s finally starting to get cool out, Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back, and that cute sweater you bought on sale a few months back can finally be worn! There is just something refreshing and “trend”ing and new about fall weather (or maybe it’s…


How to get happy healthy hair with Prose Hair Care

The following article is sponsored by Prose Hair Care. All opinions and pictures are my own.  Do you ever get so excited about a product that you just want to tell everyone? That’s been me lately with my Prose Hair shampoo/conditioner and hair mask. Now I’ve partnered with a fair amount of beauty companies, but none that have ever personalized the product…


How to pack for a weekend trip

How to pack for a weekend trip – the right way If you are like me,  you are guilty of overpacking for ANY trip. Whether it’s a weekend getaway or 2 weeks in another country YOU must pack everything and anything that you might possibly need. After learning the hard way many times of checking luggage in and then waiting…


Why you need these end of summer must-haves!

As summer slowly starts the wind-down, and the first sights of fall begin to approach. It’s time to revamp and freshen up a few essentials that help the transition from summer to fall. None of these products or sponsored or endorsed. These are simply products I have enjoyed and what others to enjoy as well. :)  Ah summer, you left…


How growing up in a single-parent household made me a stronger woman

How growing up in a single-parent household made me a stronger woman. I would first like to preface this article with this: I know there are many individuals who have grown up in single-parent households, and households with both parents who are amazing individuals and have done great things with their lives. While I wish I could say that I…


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