4 podcasts every boss babe needs

Let me just preface this with how much I LOVE podcasts, they are quick, convenient and can be listened to on the go. Plus you can learn so much from them, especially if you are a boss babe looking to broaden your horizons with knowledge (wink). Look no further here are 4 podcasts that every boss babe needs. 1. Girlboss…


Review: VII Code Oxygen Mask

Winter has officially hit us, which means everything is changing. The biggest change I find is my skin and it acting out. If there is one thing I desperately need during these winter months it’s moisture EVERYWHERE. That’s where today’s post comes into play, I was contacted by VII Code Beauty to try out their O2M Oxygen Eye Mask to…


Women’s outfits under $20

With Black Friday being over, what better way to get into the swing of the holidays than cute outfits under $20? I love being able to take certain pieces and mix and match them with other items that I bought! Below is my Black Friday round-up of outfits under $20 that you can interchange. 1. Turtlenecks and plaid pantsI love…


5 ways to help curb seasonal affective disorder

5 ways to help curb seasonal affective disorder, about 5-6% people in the US suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Winter months are a hard transition, everything goes from sunny and bright to dull and shady. And if you live in a place that is locked in by mountains like Utah or Colorado, inversion and smog can set into the…


Why you should take a break off Instagram

This past week I had the opportunity to put my phone down some more and reflect on what I needed to do next. This is why you should take a break off Instagram Instagram, it’s currently the #1 social media platform servicing millions of users every day. I being one of them. It’s addicting and captivating, I mean who doesn’t…

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