Why you should take a break off Instagram

This past week I had the opportunity to put my phone down some more and reflect on what I needed to do next. This is why you should take a break off Instagram Instagram, it’s currently the #1 social media platform servicing millions of users every day. I being one of them. It’s addicting and captivating, I mean who doesn’t…


What it’s like living with Endometriosis

Endometriosis, as defined by Dictionary.com, is “the presence of uterine lining in other pelvic organs, especially the ovaries, characterized by cyst formation, adhesions, and menstrual pains. It’s estimated that 1 in 10 women will suffer from the condition known as endometriosis in their lifetime, I, being one of them. I didn’t even realize I even had “endo” for many years, even though since the time I had gotten my cycle I would be in excruciating pain and would…


7 affordable fall outfits to add to your wardrobe

Fall is here, and if you are like me you are ready to cozy up in cute sweaters, jumpers, and anything cute and cozy. Now it can be a struggle to find affordable fall outfits, especially since there are so many places and pieces to choose from. Today I have broken down some of my favorite finds from Sugarhigh Shop…


How to make money on Instagram

How to make money on Instagram, even in 2018 with the constant algorithm changes it is possible to make money with Instagram! Only within the last year have I changed my Instagram profile to “influencer” status and make it monetizable for brands. Yes, I got into the game late with all the algorithm changes. But with the right niche, content, and…


How I got 1 Million Pinterest views in 3 months

Whoa sounds crazy right? 1 Million people trafficked to my Pinterest? It’s true and in no way did I use ads or any kind of sponsored pins! And I’m about to share what I did with you! I started a Pinterest account when I was in the 8th grade, it was like the cool new social media site that really…


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