Sundance Film Festival 2019 Review

Let me just start this recap with how much I LOVE Sundance. This year marks my 4th year going to the Park City based film festival, and I feel I got to experience a little bit of each side throughout the years First year confused tourist. Second year reporter/intern for the local television station. Third year influencer. Fourth year movie…


3 Skincare Products that changed my skin

Your makeup is only as good as your skincare – the lady at Ulta would tell me. For years I struggled with my skin, I had hormonal acne that would appear in little white dots on my face or several big red ones. You know those skincare commercials where people apply toothpaste or weird things to their face? That was…


Style Sunday: how to add sunglasses to your outfit

Today I’m sharing my basic outfit routine while adding my new favorite accessory my 1983 Eyewear sunnies. The following article is sponsored by 1983 Eyewear with affiliate links, which means I may make a commission with no extra cost to you. As always I never share products that I don’t LOVE myself! Style details: Top Forever 21 Bottoms: Pacsun skinny jeans (here’s a dupe from Forever 21) Shoes: Vince Camuto …


How to slay your New Year’s goals

Ah the good ole’ saying of “New Year new me!” somehow the start of a new year gives a refresher to who or what we want to be. While we may not turn into a “new” person overnight the hope of accomplishing our long list of goals is hopeful and bright. After all, doesn’t writing a goal it down one…


The best Lifestyle Hashtags for Bloggers

Ever wonder how to get on Instagram’s discover page, or be found by people worldwide? Lifestyle hashtags are the way to go! Okay real talk, when I first started Instagram it was seen as embarrassing to use hashtags on my pics (all while I was overdoing the Valencia filter.) Now I see hashtags as a way to get my photos seen…

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