Summer 2018 mood board to inspire you

Creativity comes and goes, especially in the summer. I know more than once I’ve experienced the dreaded “block” just in time for me to approach some kind of deadline that requires my creative side! Through my waves, I’ve discovered the best thing to get my creative juices flowing again is putting together things that inspire me all into one place. Sometimes…


How I got whiter teeth overnight

An overview of my whitening journey If you are like me, finding a way to keep your teeth Hollywood white can be a struggle.. especially with my coffee consumption. I’ve tried every Pinterest hack in the book, from bananas peels, homemade toothpaste, and hydrogen peroxide. While some of them may have given small results, nothing has stuck over the years…


5 Coolest Coffee Shops in Salt Lake City

  Salt Lake City, Utah surprisingly has a great coffee scene and has really become a hub for young entrepreneurs to come collab and create. I, being one of them, have compiled my top 5 favorite spots to collab, create and connect. 1. Sugar House Coffee  Located in the cute neighborhood of Sugar House, this place has been my go-to since…


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