New York Fashion Week: the experince and what I learned

New York Fashion week what a whirlwind of emotions, caffeine, and networking! This was my first year attending and had no knowledge of what to expect!

So I’m super excited to share what I learned and the best NYFW street style 😉

New York Fashion Week the experince

New York City is a crazy city full of so much life and culture. Personally, I love the hustle and bustle of the city, and I hope one day I can call the concreate jungle my future home!

Adding even most craziness so the already hectic city can be a bit overwhelming, this is especially the case with New York Fashion Week, but have no fear it’s totally doable!

New York Fashion Week

Book ahead of time

If you know ahead of time that you want to attend NYFW book a hotel or AirBnB way in advance, as I know many places fill up quickly and can get expensive.

I, on the other hand, went into New York Fashion Week as cheap as I could (I don’t believe in spending a copious amount of money lol) and was able to stay with my BFF and just used the subway system to get around!

I did lots of walking and hardly had time to sit some days, packing these essentials helped my experince a ton:

  • Reusable water bottle (hydration is key)
  • Portable charger (NYC drains the battery fast)
  • Pair of compactable flats or good walking shoes
  • Snacks, snacks, snacks

I also learned many “bloggers and influencers” didn’t use public transportation, they preferred to Uber or Lyft. Not me, it was so cheap to use the subway and it could get you literally anywhere without paying more than $3 a ride. Use public transit to your advantage, even the *biggest* celebrities use it 😉

Plan out your outfits in advance

The whole basis of NYFW are outfits, right? So planning out outfits in advance was definitely a lifesaver, especially since days get filled up quickly!

I initially reached out to some brands to collab on some outfits for New York Fashion Week (more on reaching out to brands here), but ultimately decided to save those outfits for other travels and go VINTAGE for NYFW.

Having an idea of what to wear and researching ahead of time what was expected to be worn helped, but the biggest takeaway I learned while being in New York was wearing whatever you want, and if you rock confidence in it, others will follow suit.

So don’t worry if you don’t have the latest runway styles, being comfortable and rocking what YOU want to wear is always a win!

My two personal fav looks from the week. Both *mostly* thrifted/vintage

New York Fashion Week the events

Now comes the fun part of New York Fashion Week, the events and shows! Now since this was my first year I literally had no idea what to do for either so I winged it.

I now know the way to get into NYFW shows is reaching out to PR companies beforehand about attending a show, or being accepted into GPS Radar and doing it from there (I was rejected *sigh* BUT I know how to fix it!)

Luckily I had some friends whom I met up with who had some extra tickets and plus ones so that is how I was able to do what I did this year.

New York Fashion Week is all about the networking and “who you know” business, so I tried to play on that as much as I could.

The Victoria Secret Bombshell event

Now out of the few events and networking events, I was able to attend, I really wanted to touch base on this one.

Undoubtedly this was one of the most highly anticipated events of the week and I was fortunate enough to go. And it was the most over the top glamourous (I say this lightly) event I’d been too.

When usually going to events I love to meet and talk to new people, especially other women bloggers/influencers, so I was very excited to start chatting and getting to know all these gorgeous women!

I was wrong about all of it.

What I wore the night of the event. Despite what happened that night I loved my outfit

What really ended up happening

This event was hands down the most entitled catty event I’d ever step foot in. I couldn’t believe how other women would treat one another, turned their noses up at COMPLIMENTS, and would just ignore you entirely.

Nobody would talk to one another (I would just talk to the girl I was with, who also noticed this weirdness) and the energy in the place was overall just uncomfortable…

So why am I bringing up this specific event?

Because if there is one thing I’ve learned in the media industry it’s being nice to everyone gets you further, and you are NEVER better than someone else. I bring this up because the media industry can be rough, and bringing others down doesn’t help.

When going to events – especially New York Fashion Week be mindful that you never know who you are talking too! That person could help you land your next job, brand deal, or even become a great friend. I learned a lot about other “big name” bloggers that night and realized that I never want to put on a fake show.

Let’s all be nice 🙂

Tips for next year

This got a big long, but I wanted to share specifically that one story as it really shaped my overall experince at New York Fashion Week.

So what will I be doing differently next year?

  • Plan ahead even more and make sure I’m up to date on GPS Radar/PR lists
  • Meet up with more people who are attending, networking is key
  • Don’t be afraid to reach out to more brands/people the worse they can say is no
  • Spend time in different areas (spent a lot of time in SoHo but would have loved to experince more of Spring Studios where the shows take place)
  • Continue to be as genuine and kind as possible and never make anyone feel the way many women did to me at the VS event 🙂


Overall I would say although I didn’t do any shows, my experince was eventful and a lot of fun! New York can be overwhelming and some days I just had to come back and rest. But overall I met some amazing people, places, and food!

I can’t wait to keep coming back and learn new things each year.

Let me know below or DM me on Instagram (@tinapey) if you’ve been to New York Fashion Week and what your experience was like!




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