How to “beat” the Instagram algorithm

First off, I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge that this topic of “beating the Instagram algorithm” is all I seem to hear lately (from my mouth as well!)

Instagram is rolling out updates and terms faster than most of us can keep up, right? From engagement, growing a following, or just getting posts seen in general. It’s getting harder and harder to manage.

Yes, it can get discouraging and yes it’s frustrating. No matter how much we read or “immerse” ourselves in trying to figure out the Instagram algorithm it seems like it’s never enough.

So what’s the secret on how to “beat” the Instagram algorithm?

You don’t “beat” it, because it’s not a game. NOW WAIT I know what you’re thinking “you’ve led me up to this point to only LET ME DOWN saying there is no magic to the algorithm?!”

Well yes and no – but let me explain!

Over the last couple weeks, I’ve been interacting with lots of girl boss babes on my Instagram (plug for my Instagram here) discussing Instagram’s platform and what the next steps should be taken to get content seen.

And after a handful of messages and several podcasts later I came to realize that it doesn’t matter how many likes, views, or posts you get. It matters IF YOU like what you are putting out there, and if you GENUINELY interact with your audiences and have something BENEFICIAL to bring to the platform, and the people who take the time to interact with you.

This may sound redundant to other advice or tips you have heard about beating the Instagram algorithm, but I can’t stress the importance of it!

Instagram is an interactive platform, and more you interact and use it the better it will perform in your favor. This doesn’t mean you have to spend 5 consistent hours in the app either (cause that’s just ridiculous).

Interact and build an audience with people in your niche (what you are interested in such as fashion, food, lifestyle, travel, etc..) Leave comments! Comments are the best way to build your community and strengthen your posts. Use ALL of Instagram’s features such as stories, IGTV, going live, and polls.


It doesn’t matter how many likes or follows you have any more at the end of the day brands, businesses, companies, and even audiences want creators that have GOOD CONTENT that aligns with their brand as well as your own.

As well as good content, are you bringing something beneficial to your platform? (Pssst the best way to do this is JUST BEING YOURSELF no joke.)

(Pssst the best way to do this is JUST BEING YOURSELF no joke.)

I’m finding from a personal standpoint that while audiences love seeing pretty curated content, they also love seeing REALNESS and being AUTHENTIC. Maybe start to explain the process behind a photo, talk more on your stories about what you are working on – small things like that make a huge difference!

When you bring all of these together “beating the Instagram algorithm” really doesn’t become a priority anymore because YOU are creating a community and audience and YOU love what you are putting out there. Follows, likes and engagement slowly come after (trust me!) It’s better to have an engaged audience through comments and DM’s than a bunch of empty likes, views, and follows.

If you are looking for other ways to build an audience or engagement I’ve written a few other tips below!

I know this may be redundant but, this is what I’m finding to be the “best” way to “beating the Instagram algorithm”. It shouldn’t be a game, the platform isn’t a game, it’s a social network for connecting and creating and it should be treated that way (wink!)

As always my DM’s are always open to questions or concerns (or leave a comment down below!) And let me know what you think on this take of the algorithm. 🙂

Happy writing xx Tina


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