How to slay your New Year’s goals

Ah the good ole’ saying of “New Year new me!” somehow the start of a new year gives a refresher to who or what we want to be.

While we may not turn into a “new” person overnight the hope of accomplishing our long list of goals is hopeful and bright. After all, doesn’t writing a goal it down one time or saying it aloud make it accomplish-able?

Slaying your New Year’s goals doesn’t have to be as hard as it sounds. While it’s not going to be as easy as saying it aloud one time, it can be measurable and doable.

How you may ask?

WRITING IT DOWN CONSISTENTLY and incorporating it into your personal everyday mantra – THAT IS HOW. If I could engrave it into every fiber of your DNA I would.

You may be thinking “how does that help me slay my New Year’s goals? I’ve already written them down and I know what I want.”

With that, I respond are you consistently writing your New Year’s goals down? And are you truly believing what you put down on that paper?

If this last year has taught me anything it’s that manifesting what you want into the world/universe/planet/solar-system or whatever you want to manifest too, really puts the positive energy into that manifestation and making them doable and achievable.

And a lot of that came from writing down what goals I want to achieve EVERY SINGLE DAY. Yep, at the top of my planner, you will see my New Year’s goals as well as want to manifest into the universe.

I also have a mantra that I repeat to myself through out the day to help remind me of my goals.

Why this is important

Seeing your goals consistently makes them at the front end of your mind, making you remember what and why you want to accomplish them.

This is why dream boards are big (which I would highly recommend as well) you physically see what you want to accomplish whenever it’s in sight.

How often do we forget our New Year’s goals by the time mid-February rolls around? Mainly it’s because we only wrote/manifested it ONE time. No wonder they never got accomplished…

From my own experience writing my New Year’s goals down every day while also manifesting them has helped me so much even in just this last month (I started my New Year’s goals December oops).

I saw an immediate change in how I not only started my day, but I physically saw my goals being accomplished on a small and big scale!

I can’t stress the imporatacne of writing your goals down. The more you see them they more they will be on the front end of your mind and the more likely they will be accomplished!

As a disclaimer, this in no way guarantees that every goal you set or will set will be completed.

Goals often have to be adjusted or tailored to fit our needs at the moment. But if you never wrote them down, how would you even know that?

My hope for you this year is accomplishing a goal that you set, wrote down consistently, manifested and then you go and accomplish. This is the year you DO what you set out to do!

Here is link to Louise Hay’s website where she puts out daily affirmations/mantras for you to use if you can’t think of any!

Happy New Year & happy writing! xx Tina


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