How to pack for a weekend trip in a carry-on bag

If you are like me, you are guilty of overpacking for ANY trip. Whether it’s a weekend getaway or 2 weeks in another country YOU must pack everything and anything that you might possibly need.

After learning the hard way many times of checking luggage in and then waiting forever to retrieve it, I have finally figured out how to pack what I need for the perfect weekend trip while fitting it all into a carry on bag.

All my personal favorites will be linked at the bottom of this article!

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How to pack for a weekend trip – the right way

1.Packing clothing for the weekend trip in a carry-on

You want to be stylish while being able to pack light, pick pieces that are versatile but able to fold up in a carry-on bag. For me, overalls/jumpsuit, a cute jacket (mostly jean) and a t-shirt are my staples. Not to mention they are easy to roll in a carry-on.

From there you can build on your versatile pieces. The awesome thing about jeans is that you can wear them more than once without washing them (wink!)

T-shirts can be tied up, tucked in, or lay flat and each gives a new style to the outfit. Also adding accessories like a hat, earrings or necklace can easily switch up an outfit.

And for shoes, I like to pack cute tennis, sandals or ankle boots dependent on the weather, and a pair of nice going out shoes (just in case). All easily compact-able in a carry-on suitcase.

2. Makeup and Skincare in a weekend carry-on

Just because you get away for a weekend doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still be taking care of your skin and your face. When packing for a weekend trip transfer your regular sized products into travel size products (they don’t call them to travel size for nothing!) 

This will make products compactable and easy to travel with in a carry-on suitcase.

Personally I love to find my favorite products in travel size. Lately, the Mario Badescu skincare set has been my favorite.

When it comes to packing all your “much needed” brushes pack ones that does double duty. My Clarisonic can both cleanse my face and apply my foundation and any other cream based product. Plus it is only one tool, so it saves extra space!

Don’t forget that the tips of your fingers always work for eyeshadow and highlight too.

This can also be said for hair tools, I like packing my straighter that can also curl my hair. And using a travel size dry shampoo that can double as a hairspray.

3. Bags in a carry-on

I know I know, it’s a staple to have a cute bag or tote for each outfit. But when it comes to packing light, the best way to maximize space is a cute monochrome backpack.

I almost prefer it over a typical purse because when I travel I like to take a water bottle, camera, wallet and my phone. And all of that plus the backpack fits in my carry-on (and dependent on the flight can be taken on as a personal item.) And since you have some extra space feel free to add a cute fanny pack.

4. Electronics

When I travel with any type of electronics I put them in my backpack first and then put them in my suitcase. This maximizes space while adding some extra protection with the backpack. Also I never go on a trip without an extra battery pack charger, trust me in comes in handy.

Hopefully this helps a bit with figuring out how to pack things for a weekend trip. Just don’t forget to enjoy yourself where ever you may go!




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  1. Timothy
    August 27, 2018 / 3:54 pm

    yassss packing light is so important! nobody enjoys waiting at the carosel for their bags and risk losing their stuff!

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