How to get happy healthy hair with Prose Hair Care

The following article is sponsored by Prose Hair Care. All opinions and pictures are my own. 

Do you ever get so excited about a product that you just want to tell everyone? That’s been me lately with my Prose Hair shampoo/conditioner and hair mask.

Now I’ve partnered with a fair amount of beauty companies, but none that have ever personalized the product to what I need, more specifically what my hair needs. Before anything was sent to me a consultant over at Prose gave me a hair consultation to see what exactly I needed. It was quick, easy, and cute (I’m a sucker for cute interactive websites). It went through things like how often I washed my hair, to what I would like to see in my hair. And you could even pick whether or not you prefer a scent in your products.

Super customizable not to mention you could make your products gluten-free, silicone free, and vegan (the whole company is already cruelty-free which is a HUGE plus!)

As soon I finished the consultation I was given a break-down of everything my hair needed and how they were going to make it happen. And not to worry if I didn’t remember everything because the breakdown would be sent with my hair care package as well.

Aside from the shampoo and conditioner that would be customizable to me, Prose also does a hair mask that you put on BEFORE you shampoo. This helps open the hair follicles so you can get the best clean feel possible – and they customize it as well!

Getting my personal package 

I swoon over pretty clean packaging, it’s half the fun for me when I get a product sent to me. Prose did not disappoint when they sent over my new customizable shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask. They even put your name on each bottle and a lovely pamphlet that has a breakdown of all the ingredients and what they do inside. At this point, I’m won over just with the packaging, but was eager to try out my new products!

The verdict

I was won over, I never knew how much of a difference GOOD hair care products could make for your hair. And the pre-shampoo mask actually makes a difference on how deep of a clean my hair gets. Oh, and did I mention the smell is so lovely and not overbearingly fake? I’ve been using my Prose each time I wash my hair now, it’s recommended that you use the mask once a week though (you shouldn’t be washing your hair every day!) Easily one of the best products I’ve tried it’s cute customizable and reliable (I got my package super quick!) And if I had ANY questions Prose would answer them in a timely matter.

I would recommend Prose110%. I have loved having soft happy-healthy hair and I feel everyone should enjoy the same luxurious.

Check them out and let me know if you do, I would love to hear how you are liking your happy healthy hair!




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