How to get around Washington D.C

How to get around Washington D.C. the right way. The United States Capitol is certainly the place to see all things history and architecture. After all, it’s where all things politics go down!

While Washington D.C proper is certainly walkable and easily accessible by metro. It’s not always the most comfortable, and I’ve seen my fair share of public transportation shut down.

So how do you get around Washington D.C? Bid2Ride.

The following post is sponsored by the ride-sharing app Bid2Ride, all thoughts and opinions are my own. But of course, I wouldn’t be sharing this if I didn’t love it myself!

How to get around D.C with Bid2Ride

Bid2Ride is a ride-sharing app similar to Uber and Lyft but without the set destination ride fee.

What makes Bid2Ride different than other ride-sharing apps is instead of seeing a set price on your destination, you can literally “bid” an amount on what you think the ride will cost. Saving on average $2-5 a ride.

Drivers then have the option to accept or not accept the bid but at no penalty to the rider.

If a driver accepts the bid a complete list of ride details such as time expectancy, driver’s name and license plate are shown to the rider and soon the Washington D.C adventure can begin!

If a ride is not accepted, then the rider has the option to do a higher bid or look at what other ride apps are offering.

Yes, Bid2Ride doesn’t want to compete with ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft. In fact, the app will show you on average what those services are charging for the same ride.

And if a driver isn’t available at that time, the app itself offers you the alternative prices in other ride apps (this even includes the local taxis service).

Why Bid2Ride is the better way to get around D.C

Aside from saving an average of $2-5 a ride. Bid2Ride takes only 15% of its drivers fares as opposed to 20-30% with giants like Uber and Lyft according to a Bid2Ride interview with Mashable.

With over 1,000 drivers already signed up to the Washington D.C based ride-app getting, a ride to your next history or architectural destination is a breeze.

Riders don’t have to limit their fun to just Washington D.C either, as Bid2Ride is also offered in Northern Virginia in cities such as Arlington and Tyson’s Corner.

Why I get around Washington D.C with Bid2Ride

Bid2Ride offers a safe, clean, and very accessible ride. On top of that, the D.C based app has exceptional customer service.

With other ride-sharing apps, it can be hard to get in touch with a representative about ride details or additional information.

Bid2Rides service team is attentive and help solve issues immediately (not to mention how nice they are!)

Getting around D.C in style

Bid2Ride offers professional and very clean drivers.

Recently I was able to get around in style while making sure I was comfortable and my needs were met (heating/cooling, seat adjustments, cup holder for my coffee ;))

I will definitely be using Bid2Ride as my way to get around Washington D.C. Not only is it the best way at a potential cheaper price, but I know that if I ever need help their customer service team is available.

How to start getting around Washington D.C the best way

Bid2Ride is available both in the Apple and Google Play Store.

With no hidden fees to start using the app, riders must link their preferred method of paying up, create their account, and then get ready to start their D.C experience!

If you are looking for more resources and how this revolutionary ride-sharing app works you can visit Bid2Ride’s website here.

And if you are someone you know in the D.C metro area is looking to become a driver you can find more information here.

Thank you Bid2Ride for helping others like myself see the transparency in ride-sharing apps

I have loved working with a company that is being transparent about the way ride-sharing is happening, as well as making it easy and accessible to get around Washington D.C at a lower price.

Let me know below if you have used Bid2Ride or if you are planning for your next trip to D.C!


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