How I got whiter teeth overnight


An overview of my whitening journey

If you are like me, finding a way to keep your teeth Hollywood white can be a struggle.. especially with my coffee consumption. I’ve tried every Pinterest hack in the book, from bananas peels, homemade toothpaste, and hydrogen peroxide. While some of them may have given small results, nothing has stuck over the years until I came across teeth whitening.

Starting the journey 

Teeth whitening kits do not come equal, some are too harsh leaving your teeth sensitive with little results. While others may leave a sticky residue with no signs of results. I’ve tried both the homemade route and the Amazon route. While buying whitening kits on Amazon has proven to the cheapest and easiest way, it’s not the way to go if you want to see results.

Plus my teeth were SUPER sensitive and I had a hard time eating anything!

Professional route 

After years of Google, Pinterest, Instagram searching, and failed homemade routes I finally came across a company I wanted to try professionally whitening my teeth. Now I am a HUGE supporter of local brands and shops so when I came across Elevate Teeth Whitening in Heber Utah I was ready to give it a go.

I messaged Jenny over at Elevate about setting up my consultation, and she was amazing setting up the whole process. Nothing makes an experience better than when someone is nice the whole way through. Scheduling was a breeze, as I got email confirmations that instantly went into my Google calendar. Jenny was great when it came to finding the right time for me, I couldn’t wait to try it!

The experience 

Located in an all-purpose salon, I was greeted by Codi who would be doing my service that day. I was instantly flooded with smiles, laughter, and stories that would make my experience THAT much better. The service was done is a monochromatic white room decorated with simple flowers and dressers, I was very comfortable and each time I had a question about what was being done Codi answered happily.

The whole experience took about an hour, as my teeth were bleached with a mineral base a total of 4xs to get the best results. The mineral-based whitening made it so my teeth were not in ANY WAY sore after the procedure and I could instantly eat and drink after.

After the procedure, Codi gave me some tips and tricks to help it so I could have the best results after I left the salon. I wasn’t aware of all the care that had to be done after, so it was awesome that she was willing to share that information with me.  Below are some of the care tips for better, whiter, and brighter teeth.

Whiter teeth hacks

  • 24 hours after your bleach your teeth only drink water and eat WHITE color based foods. Your teeth will be porous and will retain any type of color you put on them.
  • Drink lots of water
    •  water helps to bleach the teeth even more after the procedure. Make sure to swish some around as well to get anything that may be stuck in your teeth.
  • Use sensitive toothpaste
    • your teeth will have some sensitivity after you whiten them so it’s best to use sensitive brand toothpaste so you can brush your teeth with ease.
  • Hydrogen peroxide
    • while hydrogen peroxide doesn’t bleach your teeth Hollywood white, it does help get the gunk that may be stuck to your teeth. After brushing swish around some HP for 2 minutes and rinse out. This will help maintain the whiteness of your teeth without constantly bleaching them.
  • Touch Ups
    • once every month it’s important to do a “touch-up” so your teeth don’t go back to their old ways. It’s recommended to use whitening strips once a month to keep those pearly whites, without overdoing the chemicals you might put on your teeth.
  • Be kind to your teeth
    • overall be cautious what you expose your teeth too. Any large amounts of coffee, soda, or juice can cause staining that would require multiple touch-ups or procedures. If possible use a straw when you drink (bonus points if can get a reusable straw!) This can help reduce the amount of fluid that touches your teeth and prevent future staining!

Hope this helps you find the smile you’ve always wanted. Be sure to check out Elevate Teeth Whiting!


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