Comfy Cute Outfits to Wear at Home

With more of us working from home lately, it’s definitely hard to stay motivated let alone stay cute and comfy.

Whether you are taking the time to relax, catch up on some much-needed sleep, or hitting major sales online. Don’t be afraid to switch up your outfit to something more comfortable and versatile.

Lately, I’ve been lounging in sweats with a crop top, layered with my favorite gold jewelry pieces.

Not only can sweats be dressed down, but they can very easily be dressed up to work with a WFH vibe.

WFH comfy outfit to wear
One of my many comfy cute outfits at home. More at home style found on my Instagram @tinapey

It doesn’t have to stop with that. Sweaters, sweatshirts, sherpas, T-shirts… can all be turned into a comfy cute outfit to wear at home.

So where can you find comfy cute styles that won’t break the bank? Below I’ve listed some of my favorite pieces to grab that chic WFH outfit.


Some of my favorite outfits I’ve ever gotten have been from Shein.

The trick with Shein is definitely to look at reviews and see what kind of material each article is made of (I did a try-on haul with them here).

They’re definitely a great option to buy sweats that are cheap and comfortable.

Pretty Little Thing

Another great place to find staple pieces like sweats and T-shirts for super cheap.

PLT has been all over my Instagram for years and after getting a few pieces from them I can see why.

Like Shein, I would definitely check reviews for each piece as the material can definitely vary.

One thing I do really like about PLT is that you can shop by body type (petite, curvy, tall, etc..) so items that come fit better to your body type.

On top of the comfy cute clothes, I would highly recommend their shoe selection as well. Some of my favorites shoes have come from PLT!


I mean can one really go wrong with Target? While I would agree that in-store has more looks to choose from, their website wasn’t bad!

Target has recently stepped up their clothing game the last couple of years, some of the cutest pieces I’ve seen have been from the superstore giant.

Another great thing about Target’s clothing lines is you can usually shop by body type as well.

And if you are really feeling extra I would suggest checking out their shoes as well 🙂

I have my cute comfy outfit, but how do I style it?

Have no fear! Now that you have your staples for your at-home look it’s time to style it.

There are a thousand ways to style anything, and not every style will be everyone’s cup of tea. However, some of my favorite way to style comfy outfits are…

  • Layering with trench coats and crop tops
  • Add gold jewelry especially necklaces and rings
  • Wear it monochromatic (same color for every piece)
  • Add a bag, bandana, hat, or a pair of sunglasses
  • Throw an oversized sweater or sweatshirt on with a tighter pair of sweat pants
  • Switch it up by tying, dying, or redesigning old pieces for a fresh comfy look

Hopefully, this article gave you some major inspiration on how to dress your next comfy cute at home outfit.

Just because you’re inside doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish! As always happy writing and stay home & safe xx

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  1. Timothy
    March 25, 2020 / 4:56 pm

    Geeze, these all look really comfy! Can you write an article for men’s comfort sometime ???

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