The best self-tanner for face and body

The perfect tan, is it achievable without spending every dollar you have? Sure there are hundreds of products that ‘claim’ to get you natural/sunless tan look without breaking your bank.

But they’re messy, smell like self-tanner, and are often times streaky and leave weird marks.

For me, I would experience self-tanner sinking into my pores weird and I would love like I have some sort of rash or allergic reaction. But that is no more! I have finally found the perfect self-tanner solution (you can even use it on your face!)

How to get the best tan using a self-tanner

Here it is the Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops

I’m not kidding when I say this product changed my tanning game 110% (and this isn’t sponsored!)

It’s easy to use, doesn’t smell like a regular self-tanner, and makes you look like the tan goddess you have wanted to be. Basically, you use the droplet and put the number of drops you want in ANY moisturizer of your choice, and then just put on your moisturizer as you usually would.

And the best part? No tanning mitt involved, no extra tools needed, you can rub it in any moisturizer and just use your hands! No hassle and no weird stains around your fingers.

It’s also cruelty-free and vegan-friendly!

Now that I’ve shared the tanning secret of the century lets get in on how to achieve the perfect tan!

Exfoliate and prep

Before going too crazy with that droplet it’s important to properly exfoliate and prep for that future glow that you’re about to have! I love to exfoliate with a good body scrub first in the shower, my personal favorite is the Raw Sugar Living Body Scrub in Mango + Coconut.

After exfoliating (especially around the ankles and knees) I like to shave and rinse off.

When getting ready to dry off it’s important to pat yourself dry and not use harsh rubbing motions. During this time I put my hair up in my favorite Aquis Hair Turban to get the hair out of my face while giving my body a few more moments to dry. Plus getting the hair out of the way is a bonus all around.

Mixing and applying the tanning drops

Now comes the fun part, mixing and applying the tanning drops into any moisturizer of your choice. For me, I personally use Aveeno lotion to apply all over my body, and it works perfectly with the Isle of Paradise Tanning Drops.

Before applying Isle of Paradise Tanning Drops

For the tan, I achieved I used the darker tanning drops (there are 3 different shades of drops, but I feel the darkest ones are the best ones) and used 3 drops for every 2 pumps of lotion.

From there I just mix the drops and lotion in my hand and apply it to my body in sections (for every 2 pumps/3 drops I did a section of my body ex: my left or right leg top to bottom).

When it’s time to do the face, I just used the normal amount of face cream or moisturizer (usually a dime size) and would just add 1-2 drops of the self-tanner. Same as applying it to the body, except I just rub it into my face and neck area.

After applying 3 drops per 2 pumps of lotion with Isle of Paradise Tanning Drops

Drying time + tan development

After I’ve applied the tanning drops all over my face and body, I wait about 5 minutes before putting any clothing on. I have not experienced the self-tanning drops to transfer to any of my clothing or sheets, but I like to wait just to let it all soak in.

I started to see my tan develop in about 20 minutes, but I like to sleep on it to let it fully develop. By the time I’m up the next morning my goddess glow tan is fully developed with no streaks, harsh marks, patches, and did not transfer onto my clothes or sheets!

Talk about a miracle product, plus it doesn’t smell like a self-tanner so I can actually stand having it on.


I am very impressed with this product as a whole, from the smell to the way it dries on my skin no complaints here!

I would recommend doing a “test patch” to see if your skin reacts well with the drops before putting it all over your face and body. While I didn’t have any issues, I know other people’s skin can be different.

If you have any more questions about the product itself here is Sephora’s product page.

Let me know down below if you have used Isle of Paradise, and what you think!




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