Affordable Spring Haul

Yay! It’s finally getting warmer out, flowers are blooming I can feel the weight of winter finally lift off.. must be time for spring!

With spring coming that means cleaning and hauling out old and new things. Recently I went through my closet again and put up some stuff that I realized wasn’t bringing me joy as Marie Kondo puts it. However, I also found new things that do bring me joy.

This season I’m all about bold pastel based colors, patterns, and versatile accessories like belts and jewelry. I also love the floral trend and hope to add more floral pieces to my wardrobe as the season progresses.

Bold shorts + simple tops

Lately, I’ve been trying to steer away from ALWAYS wearing jean shorts. These yellow tie shorts make the perfect bold statement while easily being paired with a simple blouse or tee.

Shorts can be found here:

Mix and match with black

Face it black is a staple no matter what season it is. Recently I picked up these adorable (and so comfy) black pants that easily pair with this blush pink blouse that is lightweight and flows for spring.

Adding a cute belt is the perfect accessory to top off this spring trio!

Pants can be found here:

Blouse can be found here:

Belt (comes in 3’s) can be found here:

Blush pink everything

I’m loving the blush pink/pastel pink trend right now. It just adds a pop of color to any outfit. I love this blush pink blazer, it adds dimension and a little something extra to something casual.

Blazer can be found here:

Detailed tops + textured bottoms

Mixing patterns and textures it’s one of my favorite things to do lately. Pairing this scalloped top with this textured skirt gives a bold yet chic look to the skirt comeback.

I love adding another layer of dimension to this outfit by laying a necklace on top of this shirt.

Top can be found here:

Skirt can be found here:

Let me know what your favorite spring piece is below and how you style it! As always happy writing, xx Tina!


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  1. Timothy
    March 26, 2019 / 11:19 pm

    Girl, you hawt and these styles are even hotter! I’m in love. You slay me.

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