5 things I learned by moving to a new city

Moving can be a scary but exciting time. And moving to a new city entirely can cause a whole range of emotions from scared to death to hopefulness.

My whole life up until this point I had lived in one state. While I have had my fair share of travel, my home base at the end of the day had been in the beautiful state of Utah. I grew up in Southern Utah and finished my college degree up in Northern Utah in Salt Lake City.

I always told myself that after college I needed to get away, I needed to grow in ways that I felt like my home state didn’t provide and really wanted a change of scenery.

So I packed up what little things I own (basically clothing) into my boyfriend’s and I little car and moved cross country to Washington D.C. My first time living away from the mountains and in the heart of a city.

So what has moving to a new city taught me?

I am stronger than I think I am

Moving is hard as I said before and can bring up lots of emotions and turmoil in some cases. But after I finally picked my little apartment up back home up and actually MOVEDI realized I am in more control over my emotions, situation, and happiness. If you really want to change something you just have to do it. Doing just that made me realize just how strong I am.

Wanting change doesn’t mean you are ungrateful

Don’t get me wrong, I liked where I was at. I had a good little post college job, my apartment was perfect and I had lots of friends in the area. I truly was grateful for all of those wonderful things. However, I knew if I stayed comfortable where I was at I wouldn’t get to where I needed to be. But I knew that the change that I was about to embark would challenge me and get me ready for the next level in my life.

You’ll never have enough money

I can’t tell you how many times I heard “if you think Salt Lake is expensive just wait till D.C!” Truth be told everywhere is “expensive” as a post-college grad. But I knew I could make it work where ever I went. You’ll always say you’ll never have enough money, so going out to and just doing it is the first step.

Finding the best bang for your buck

Yes, everything is expensive to a post-college grad but there are ways to budget and save while still enjoying the city. Since living in the big city I have learned that making food/snacks at home is the best way to save. While I still enjoy a drink or coffee every once in while, I tend to save more when I eat at home.

Another way to save online is by using Honey

Honey automatically pulls every coupon available on the internet and applies to whatever you are shopping for to give you the best bang for your buck. All you have to do is install it on your browser and let Honey find you the best deals.

This isn’t sponsored in any way, I just really like Honey and it’s already saved me $40 this last week alone!

Enjoy it

Between the chaos and stress, I have found with uprooting my entire life across the country I constantly remind myself to just CHILL OUT. It’s not every day you move to a new city, so just enjoy it and all the little things that come with it. Whether that’s trying to find my way around the Metro or just enjoying the view I remind myself to enjoy this new journey I have embarked on.

Let me know below what you learned moving to a new area and how it helps you grow 🙂 xx Tina


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  1. March 21, 2019 / 1:55 pm

    I relate so heavily to this! I moved myself across the country last year and it was the best thing I ever did. I’ve grown so much and learned so much about myself! Xoxo

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