5 Coolest Coffee Shops in Salt Lake City


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Salt Lake City, Utah surprisingly has a great coffee scene and has really become a hub for young entrepreneurs to come collab and create. I, being one of them, have compiled my top 5 favorite spots to collab, create and connect.

1. Sugar House Coffee

 Located in the cute neighborhood of Sugar House, this place has been my go-to since I became an avid coffee drinker. Dressed with local art and weekend musicians, this is the place to come connect. Not to mention the baristas are INCREDIBLY nice. No better way than to start your day with a smile!


2. Publik Coffee Roasters

 Known for its soft lighting and “Insta-grammable” spots, Publik is definitely a hub in the Salt Lake area. Located in the heart of downtown, you can always count on a group of people collaborating on the next big thing. It’s signature vanilla and brown sugar coffees also make the place a must for caffeine lovers.


3. Cafe Niche

 Not only is it a popular brunch spot with great food, but easily the best place I’ve found for drip coffee. Nestled in downtown Salt Lake, Niche is the first place I recommend for those visiting for the first time. Complete with a full breakfast and lunch menu, you won’t be disappointed with the chic modern cafe.

4.  Jack Mormon Coffee

 A play on words, especially for those who know the predominant culture in Utah, Jack Mormon Coffee has the BEST chai I’ve come across so far. With it’s cute aesthetic, it not only makes a great picture spot, but is in the heart of what I believe to be the prettiest neighborhood. Their prices also make it a little easier on the bank account as well.

5. Coffee Garden

 Where people come to socialize and enjoy a treat or two. Located on 9th and 9th in Salt Lake, Coffee Garden is a great meetup spot for those wanting a quick coffee, or for those who want to linger a little longer. Complete with macaroons and other fun pastries you will for sure find your “zen” here.

Hope these suggestions will make your next “coffee break” a little bit easier.

xo  Tinapey


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