3 Skincare products that help acne

Your makeup is only as good as your skincare – the lady at Ulta would tell me.

For years I struggled with my skin, I had hormonal acne that would appear in little white dots on my face or several big red ones.

You know those skincare commercials where people apply toothpaste or weird things to their face? That was me. I struggled and was self-conscious and no amount of concealer could hide the bumps on my face.

I even tried to go without dairy or sugar (which is very hard for me may I add) for several weeks to see if any of those factors were causing the irritation to my skin. Nothing.

This is a closeup of my face in summer 2017. Even with makeup on little white bumps dominated my face. Updated skincare pics can be found here on my Instagram.

Finally, once I hit my 20’s I finally found a cure to those little nasty bumps on my skin. And it had nothing to do with what I was eating (which may I add is definitely a factor for some people, but please see a professional about it if you feel that is the case.) It was a change to my skincare routine, stress levels, and water intake!

The following article does contain affiliate links to the products that worked on my skin type. This is in no way an extra cost to you, but I do make a small commission off it.

3 skincare products cleared my acne

The beginning of the skincare journey

May I add that stress if a very real thing when it comes to my skin. If I am overwhelmed, fatigued, or not taking care of my body properly my skin reflects it.

College was a stressful but wonderful time for me, and my skin showed that. Every test, assignment, and mental breakdown could be seen in my face. Once I started to let many stresses in my life go, I saw that my face would gradually get better.

Skincare isn’t just products

Drinking enough water made a difference. While I wasn’t necessarily affected by my dairy and sugar intake (well I mean a little because too much of anything can throw your body off) once I started to drink more water my face looked more hydrated and healthy (no joke!)

The skincare products that saved me

Now for the good stuff, the 3 skincare products that changed the game for me and my little bumpy skin.


Not just any toner either, Thayers Rose Petal Toner is what did it for me. Non-alcoholic and very gentle on the face, yet it REALLY gets the dirt off my face and makes it feel refreshed after.

The reason why this toner really changed the game for me was because it got what my face-wash didn’t get in terms of dirt and gunk.

I was floored when I saw how much dirt and makeup was still left on my face even after I had thoroughly washed it. Thayers = game changer.

Acne spot treatment

In order to actually get the gunk balls harvested in my face out, I had to dry them out.

It’s recommended to use an acne spot treatment on just the problematic areas on your face, in my case though my whole face was a problem.

The Clearasil acne spot treatment is what I used religiously all over my face to dry out the white acne bumps on my face. The first couple of weeks of doing this nightly were brutal, my skin was peeling like crazy and had lots of dry spots. I would very much recommend a great moisturizer (here are my favorites.)

But on about the 3rd week, it started to even out and my skin looked like new. Now I only use it for the few spots I will get here and there, but for the first little while I completely dried out my skin. Totally worth it though.

Peach fuzz shaver

Say what? I know it kinda sounds a bit quirky at first, but it is something I do once a week to help get the dead skin off my face.

Basically, it’s a little razor designed for your face, you can buy one off Amazon here, or you can pay up to a couple hundred dollars to have it done in a spa (I was again floored when I found out something I was doing at home cost hundreds elsewhere.)

Like I said this is something I still only do once a week, it helps maintain getting the dead skin and extra peach fuzz off my face (which helps foundation go on smoother and not look patchy!)

Like the toner, when I started to do this I noticed how much dirt was still being harbored in my pores even after I had washed it. Now it just helps rejuvenated my face and help my foundation go on smoother.

Basically, it helps remove dirt and hair that can trap gunk in your pores. Doing this changed how my face felt and looked after my skincare routine.

Wrapping up

A combination of everything I have talked about above really changed the game for my face. I understand that everyone’s skincare journey can be different and that all these may not work for everyone!

My hope is just to help those like myself that struggled with acne to know there is a way to to get rid of it 🙂 Let me know below if any of these helped you with your skincare journey. xx Tina



  1. January 24, 2019 / 3:40 pm

    Ooooh. A Peach Fuzz Shaver. So intrigued! I do have lots of fine blond hairs on my face and they drive me crazy, especially when I put on foundation and then see myself in the light…so this will be investigated. Thanks!

  2. Kenzie
    January 31, 2019 / 1:27 pm

    Great post! I never would have thought about getting a little razor like that. Saving this for later 👍

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