2021 Trends to Watch

2021 Trends to Watch:

It almost seems like a long dream that is finally coming to an end.

While 2020 may have taught me resilience and some patience, I’m ready to say goodbye and see what 2021 has to bring.

As each year comes to a close, Pinterest releases a beautiful spreadsheet of all the upcoming trends to watch for in the new year. In conjunction with what Pinterest has put out, here are some of the 2021 trends to watch for.

2021 Trends:

There’s no doubt this past year was full of DIY homemade fashion projects. While tie-dye may hit the shelf, adding your own DIY take on fashion isn’t going away just yet.

On top of the DIY, accessorizing will continue to gain popularity in 2021 including:

  • Minimal jewelry – such as rings, chain necklaces, and anything with a bit of sparkle
  • Statement purses – the Jacquemus bag was nice and a fun thought… but it’s time for purses and bags that have a bigger pouch with a fun design
  • Using clothing for multiple uses – not just a standard t-shirt anymore more like a scarf or anywhere else you can wear it.
  • Layering – using blankets, parkas, scarfs, and mesh fabrics to layer and add more dimension to an outfit
  • Embroidery – adding your own personal stitch to the closet will be climbing in 2021
  • Leveling up – quite literally boots/sneakers with a platform will continue to elevate an outfit in more way than one
  • Sunglasses – yes to sunglasses in all shapes and sizes, orange lens glasses will continue to rise in fame in 2021

Clothing 2021 Trends:

Minimal parisian neutrals have been taking the streets when possible, neutral minimalism will contine to rise in 2021 including:

  • Neutral creams and earth-toned clothing
  • Comfortable athletics wear – yes anything aesthetic and cozy will continue to make its way into the new year
  • Co-ord and matching sets – the easiest way to be monochrome with outfits, matching sets + blazers will elevate outfits in 2021
  • Sneakers for heels – comfortable trendy sneakers will continue to replace high heels in street style fashion
  • Oversized everything – yes shirts, pants, and everything in between staying comfy is a key trend in 2021
  • Socks – yes that’s right cute and aesthetic socks are ready to be shown in the upcoming year

Beauty & Skin 2021 Trends:

The rise of natural and glowing beauty have arrived. Embracing natural brows and lashes will continue to rise as well as minimalist-skin.

  • K-beauty skincare – Korean beauty has been around for a while but will continue to rise with more people choosing cleaner ingredients to put on their face
  • Natural everyday makeup – baking and powdering the face will sit out longer as natural-looking makeup will continue to be the move
  • Brow/lashes tint – with more embracing their natural brows/lashes, tints and lamentations will rise in popularity
  • Homemade skincare – time for more food-based masks and skincare
  • Glowing skincare anything that gives skin that glow and moisture is greenlit for 2021

Hair 2021 Trends:

Natural and low matience looks are in. Whether it’s protective styles or embracing the hair you have here are some hair trends for 2021:

  • Protective hairstyles – braided styles like box braids, bubble braids, and yarn braids will be high in the searches in 2021
  • Embracing natural – whether is curl, straight, or wavy embracing the natural hair given is on the move
  • Low maintained hair – second-day hair isn’t so bad, especially if it means adding a braid, bun, or fashionable ponytail. Easy and stylish is the way to go for 2021
  • Aesthetic natural haircare – with more caring about what goes in their haircare aesthetically pleasing haircare will continue to hit the shelf and Instagram feeds

Lifestyle 2021 Trends:

2020 taught us how to be one in qurantine, while getting cozy and comfy where we are. Treating ourselves right and putting health first will continue to rise in 2021:

  • Manifesting – putting out what you want in the universe is how to get 2021’s attention
  • Health – prioritizing health will be a key focus going into the new year, but not just doctor visits.. staying hydrated and being out in nature is the way to keep bodies going in 2021.
  • Resting – no more staying up at 2am for emails, investing in rest in key for health
  • Spa days at home – taking baths and indulging in an at-home spa day will be a staple routine in self-care

These are some of many predictions that I’m sure will rise in the New Year. Overall, don’t forget to put your health first this year, trends may come and go but staying healthy and listening to your body is never out of trend.

Let me know below what else you see for 2021, and to keep up with fashion/beauty trends check out my Instagram here.

Happy New Year and writing!



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